“Movement is the answer”

About me

“Using touch and movement, I aim to help people reconnect with the natural sources of health to unfold their potential.”


My name is Juan Carlos Concha. I am a certified ABM of Neuromovement Practitioner (science based and state of the art hands-on application on brain plasticity).
In my practice across the world, I use touch and movement to unfold the natural tendency of the brain to create new patterns of functioning, helping children and adults to grow beyond their pain and limitations.

Over more than fifteen years I gained experience in manual therapies using mainly the approach of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, and dedicated practice of Taoist Arts of movement. Since 2011 I incorporated the Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement to my holistic approach. Characterized by relating to every unique person, providing a secure environment supporting our healing forces and the conditions for the brain to create new and better patterns of functioning. Helping people to get closer to what they intended to be, is the true purpose of my work.